What Makes a Hero?

As I was watching a rerun of a documentary about Ninoy Aquino’s life, a statement made by one of the commentators struck me. His idea was in order to become a hero, Ninoy had to die or else, he would’ve been just another politician. It got me thinking; in order to be a hero does someone really have to die? Weren’t all the things he did while he was still living enough?

For me, what made Ninoy a hero was not his death but his ability to influence others and initiate change when no one was willing to do so. He was not afraid to stand up for what he loved and for what he believed and his actions followed through. He did not quit life’s challenges and instead found strength in them knowing that a lot of people were counting on him. Also, he upheld his values when greater forces were compelling him to bend them.

Is Ninoy the only one who characterizes these qualities? I don’t think so. They are everywhere. From our parents who sacrificed a lot for us to Manong Cheesecorn who does everything for his family except to commit crimes even though the times are tough. We should not take these people for granted because they are our everyday heroes.


– Coleen Abigail Villaluz


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