Urban Dictionary is Not Always Right

Urban Dictionary has the following definition for ‘hero’:
“someone who gets a lot of OTHER people killed”

An interesting and almost invariably true statement… in the realm of cinema and cable television. As always, the reality is considerably more complicated. For indeed, the word hero in itself is subjective and varies from person to person. You may consider your grandfather (who may be a decorated WWII general) to be a colossus to be revered and admired- while all I may see is a senile coot trying to drink his soup with a fork. If we move up a notch and view widely recognized figures, the same disparity still holds. One example is practically any political figure who has ever stood for something. There will always be those who will vehemently vouch for his virtue and proclaim this myth of a man a hero beyond any reasonable doubt– and there will usually be an opposition of composed of a torch-wielding mob declaring that said hero is in fact, a waste of space.

In my opinion, a hero is anyone who chooses what is right over what is easy.

Cliche? Perhaps. Overly-simplistic? Maybe; but it still is true.
By my definition, anyone has the capacity to perform heroics given his or her setting. As a student, do I write my CWTS essay, or do I paraphrase an article from the net and pass it off as my own? As a son, do I spend time bonding with my little sister even though I am tired, or do I pick my nose instead? It varies from person to person. One specific hero I think we need today, especially in our country– especially given our situation, is a political hero. Defined as a politician who “will NOT get a lot of other people killed”.

A politician who will refuse to embezzle the peoples’ money. A politician who will not starve his countrymen by channeling funds into his own pocket. We need legislators and policymakers who are not afraid to stand for something– not afraid to rock the boat. Perhaps the problem of poverty remains not because we do not know what procedures to carry out in order to solve it, but because we are a country of people too content to stay under the radar, too selfish and content with the current system if it benefits us– no matter how shitty it may be for the nation as a whole. We need people like Ninoy, and the thousands of uncredited people in the workforce today who stand up for equitability and integrity before profit or self-gain.

Once we are a country of such people, perhaps we can begin to make up lost ground.


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