Unsung Heroes: The Hope of Our Country

Often times when the word hero is mentioned, names like Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini, Lapu Lapu, Emilio Aguinaldo, etc come up.  When you ask a child if they know any heroes, these names would most probably be their answers. And Why not? These men bravely fought for freedom for our country. They even had to sarcrifice their own lives in doing so.

But are they the only men that we can consider heroes?

According to the dictionary, a hero is a “person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities.”  Certainly, as much as the men mentioned earlier exhibit these qualities, there are other people who should also be recognized as heroes. Modern day men, like the OFWs are heroes for the sacrifices they make to provide for their families and through this help improve the country’s economy. Everyday men, who despite their personal problems, will go out their way to help others are also heroes. Teachers, especially those who teach in public schools, are heroes. Doctors and nurses, who despite the possible lucrative career they may have some place else, still choose to serve their fellowmen who can not afford proper healthcare. These people are unsung heroes.

Other than these men, we also have personal heroes who make a difference in our lives. My personal hero is my mother. My mother had a simple upbringing. They simply had enough, nothing more, nothing else. But she worked with what they had, and worked her way to  get where she is today. She certainly came a long way, but she definitely did not forget the people who helped her along the way. As much as she in the height of her career, she keeps her feet on the ground. My mother is also the most hardworking, generous, faithful person I’ve met. Truly, she is my hero.

When the news and social media highlight corrupt, greedy and selfish individuals and actions, it is easy to lose trust in our society. But these unsung heroes, through their sacrifices certainly give me hope. Despite the temptations the world may offer, selfless and honest people are still present; certainly, this give me faith in our society.

– Justine Maria Regina D. Galandines, 2012-62657


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