My Own Prince Charming

Heroes were our biggest influences ever since we were kids.

From our Disney characters such as Prince Charming and Hercules who have heroes pegged as saving damsels in distress to fictional superheroes like Superman, Batman who save different towns, cities, and the world. Being a hero meant having magical powers (True Love’s Kiss, Superhuman Strength, etc.).

But then we realize we have those historical heroes such as Jose Rizal and Ninoy Aquino who have been recognized as leaders who have saved our nation. Yes, being a hero was now achievable, in expense of one’s life, to die for others.

And finally, we are then taught to identify, respect, and appreciate heroes in our everyday lives such as fire-fighters, doctors, and policemen, who have jobs that save other people’s lives. But then we also look back into our own heroes, who have saved and been saving us from everything and keeping us safe, which are our parents.

So growing up, our, or at least my, concept of heroism has truly been distorted. Because of so many diverse depictions of heroes, what’s left in my mind is that anyone can be a hero.

True enough, in essence, anyone can be a hero, but for me what would make a person truly heroic in my eyes would be those who are able to step up, voluntarily in a sense that it is not expected of them, amidst adversity to help out others, in genuine spirit of virtuousness, and not for themselves or their self-image.

Typhoon Maring has just ended, and again the dissemination of the different relief operations commence. There were institutions where it was already expected of them to help out, while there were also people, like politicians, who did it just for their good reputation. Yes, they’re doing good deeds, but that is not enough for me. In my opinion, the heroes are those who help out, donate out of goodwill, not because they want anything in return, but they just genuinely want to help out those who are in need. It is very hard to judge, whether it is expected of them to help or not, but truly the purity of one’s intentions and endeavours would be shown in the long run with how they help and how often they reach out. These are my heroes of our nation today and I really admire: the genuine good guy


One thought on “My Own Prince Charming

  1. I never thought of prince charmings as heroes but now that you mention it… Indeed, anyone can be a hero but it would be nice to see more people doing good for the sake of doing it, not for the camera or for feeling good.

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