My Brand of Hero

Whenever we talk about the heroes of our nation, we always remember how they willingly gave up their lives to serve the country, and also perhaps (to a certain extent) judge how their love moved them into wanting the best for their fellow Filipinos.

            Honestly, had I not entered UP, I would blindly believe that there is no one– no Filipino would qualify as a hero of the nation today. It’s not that I have not met amazing heroic people beforehand. I do meet them (strangers who would go beyond their comfort zones to help other people, several loving parents.) However, I have not seen nor heard of anyone who completely dedicated her life in pursuing the development of the country. NOT AS A SIDELINE. NOT SIMPLY IN HER OWN CONVENIENCE. But at a full time, hands-on work. Most of the time, the only priority of a Filipino is her family. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s perfectly normal. But then if we think about it, there are those with vocation who do not get paid and could leave their family to also serve. In their case, it’s the honor of serving God, thus serving their family in best way. Why don’t I see people who actually and completely answered the call to serving the state?

Then I entered UP.

I met a lot of heroes-in-the-making, and it’s amusing and relieving to see them. I see some veterans, too. And, they’re very eager in training the young ones. These are the people you can’t ignore, for their passion to pave way for the common good is burning. You see how they don’t slack off in their duties as a citizen even though they have many things on their plate.  You see their love and concern translated into actions and opportunities for themselves and others to serve the country. You see how service to the nation is one of their main priorities in life.

There are also those people with the intent to dedicate their accomplishments and education in serving the Filipino nation. Some are already offering what they got from the university and their own educational attainment.

These people, dear reader, are the heroes of today in my opinion. These people who are selflessly dedicating themselves for the good of the country will become the great pillars of the Philippines someday. And, I salute them. They deserve honor.

[On a side note: The Philippine economy has heroes: our brave Overseas Filipino workers. However, their main motivation is the family, not really the country. Thus, within the description I have established, I’m not particularly mentioning them]

By Dianne Argamosa, 2012 – 03335

**forgive the grammatical & spelling errors.


One thought on “My Brand of Hero

  1. Your brand of hero is a good one. Heroic are those who selflessly serve this nation, though sometimes they don’t get much in return for their service.

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