A Hero Lies In You

Everyone has their own way of being a hero. Every goodness is a little act of heroism. But, in my perspective, the true heroes are those who taught and became a model to their fellow men on how to live a wonderful life while embodying a moral character.

Heroes were defined as someone who helps to make our land a better place to live in. I think the best way to have a peaceful world where it will still be evident even in the long run is through putting a good heart in each and every one. Making goodness contagious beats a chain effect because nothing will be left behind. In the end, everyone will be a hero.

Another goal of heroes is to put a concave curve on everyone’s lips. The common problem that all people face today is not seen by our naked eye. Everyone has their own weaknesses that give dilemma to them. With the little acts of kindness of their neighbor to them it could fill up whatever flaws they have.

Life is full of circumstances and this is the reason why everyone is escaping reality through finding their hero. The world is full of heroes but the action is not enough. Everyone was created to be a hero. We may not know to whom but there is a reason why we are connected to some people in this world.

– Eunice Angelica M. Paquiz



One thought on “A Hero Lies In You

  1. I completely agree. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of possitivity and kindness to help people feel better or even prevent them from doing something ridiculous. Sometimes, it even goes back to you. It is always more fulfilling to give. 🙂

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