A Hero Inside

Life is composed of choices, and every choice you make has a consequence. You can choose to be good or bad, happy or sad; basically you choose how to live your own life, because an individual is defined by his choices.

A lot of people choose to be good from the start, and eventually some people would look up to them, consider them heroes. Some people make bad life decisions but eventually work their way back to the right track, and they are sometimes looked up to by some people. A few choose to be bad, and they will remain that way as long as they want to, but there is still a chance for them to change, a chance for them to be heroes instead of villains.

There is no exact definition of a hero, a hero can be someone we look up to, someone we consider to be very great, awesome, and all the other positive adjectives we can think of; but sometimes we are struck by the presence of these people that we consider heroes, that we forget that we can also be heroes. All of us has the chance to become a hero, we don’t need to have superpowers, we don’t need to be super good at anything; all we need is to make the right decisions and believe that we can be heroes, because deep inside our hearts and our minds, there is a hero. Every individual has a hero inside.


– Mark Buenaventura


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