Inventors, Theorists, Informants

According to dictionaries, heroes are people admired for their courage. These are people who’ve taken the initiative to do something for the greater good despite the danger in doing so. But the term “hero” is used differently for every person; for some, heroes are those people who inspired them to strive specially those who’ve attained success despite some disabilities. Some may even say heroes are those who’ve helped others to attain their goals or that heroes are people who’ve saved one from possible harm or injuries. But one thing’s for sure, these heroes have done something to benefit at least one individual.

Since then, the people who I describe as heroes are the innovators, inventors, researchers and the like. That’s because they are the ones who’ve made life easier for the majority of the people of today. They are the reasons why the majority of the people are enjoying the lives they have at present. However, these inventors are blamed for the effects of industrialization. That due to these different devices, gadgets, or contraptions we have today, there are if not more, worse ecological disasters mankind has to face. Also people claim that these technologies are the reasons for less face to face conversations between individuals. But even so, one still has the choice whether or not to allow technological advancements completely takeover the ‘good’ lifestyle one had before. At least now, our knowledge about things is wider, even knowing about the side effects of the use of certain devices widens our understanding and helps us look for or create better inventions or ideas, and for me, that’s enough to call these innovators heroes.

If one was to consider current happenings globally, the ones who could be considered the heroes of today are the groups of people who don’t fail to give people information about what’s really happening in the community. Not the media since some news don’t cover most of the important details on certain events and some don’t even provide the information on important things people must now, but certain hidden but not-so-hidden groups in our society today. Those groups despite knowing they’re making some of the people with high positions in the society their enemies, help in making us aware and warn us of conspiracies and possible plans of the ruling class. The groups I consider as such are those who started and/or created the following:

•Wikileaks (
•Knowledge of Today (
•Truth Theory (
•Freedom Informant (
•The Zeitgeist Movement Global (
•Global Illumination Council (
•Exposing The Truth (
•The Idealist (
•The Unknown; but not hidden. (
•Choice and Truth (
•Press For Truth (
•True Activist (
•Global Informer (

(By the way, each, listed above, has its own Facebook page and some of these groups have their own Twitter accounts if you’re interested.)

Most of the information they give aren’t completely covered by the media which should be, and most show the different points of view on current happenings which help in letting people weigh things fairly. Making us aware, helping us know what may be going on at present and what the possible agendas are or the hidden agendas themselves are of the higher ups are the reasons why they could be considered and called the heroes of today. Although most of the leaders and members of these groups are anonymous, which may not show bravery, they could still be and should be considered as today’s heroes.


One thought on “Inventors, Theorists, Informants

  1. You have an open mind Zaldy! Which is a great thing. We should open our hearts and our minds in considering the heroes of the world today. Quoting what you said “But one thing’s for sure, these heroes have done something to benefit at least one individual”. So anyone who changed the life of at least one person for the better, is considered a hero! 😀

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