Everyday Heroes

When our country celebrated the National Heroes Day, we recognized the patriotic and brave efforts of our heroes which molded the Philippines to become what it is today. However, we oftentimes forget the people who help us get by everyday, people who save and protect us from harm, or just simply the thought of them being there for us when we need them; the ordinary people- our everyday heroes.

When I was a kid, somebody asked me who my favorite superhero was. I wracked my brain and told him all the superheroes I knew: Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman, Flash, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… If the same person would ask me that question right now, I would immediately give him an answer. A no-brainer. Because my favorite superheroes are my parents.

They might not carry boulders 50 times their weights, but seeing my mom and dad take turns in carrying my little sister wherever we went while still having the energy to do things for their respective jobs sure is impressive. They might not run as fast as the speed of light, but it will only take one call or text message for them to drive from Parañaque to Quezon City everytime I need a ride home, or when I’m stuck in school ’til the late hours of the night or whenever the weather’s too unbearable for me to commute. Most of all, they might not have the superpowers to be able to save the world from danger, but for me and my siblings, their hugs, kisses and comforting words will always be enough to make things better.

All of our heroes started out small. Before Jose Rizal became our national hero, he was the young Pepe who always looked out for his siblings. Before Ninoy Aquino became the man plastered in our 500-peso bills, he was the youngest senator who believed that the Philippines deserved better. They were once just ordinary men who believed they could make a difference. And they went out and did just that. That’s why we should never fail to thank and appreciate the everyday heroes we get acquainted to everyday, because what lies beneath their unassuming facades are brave, strong hearts of heroes eager to make this world a better place.


– Ma. Beatrice Ramona S. Toledo

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