Who is Jose Rizal today?

With the advancement of liberation in today’s society, especially with the modern youth, we have come to terms where words are hard to define. The world has come to a point where everyone can be right, where everyone can assume to be right – where everyone is right. It is a good thing. We are able to destroy the norms that hinder us from societal progress. But what we overlooked at is that at the same time, we are destroying the valuable standards that have been set way before we were born.

Nowadays, everyone can be anyone. Everyone can be a hero. Some say you can be a hero in your own little ways, some believe you can be a hero if you sacrifice so much of who you are. The world today tells us that OFWs, teachers, almost everyone actually, can be heroes.

I am not in the position to question that, nor do I intend to do so. What I am trying to say is that things have changed, a lot of things have. The stakes are higher, the situations have differed drastically, and our civilization has greatly evolved.


Today being beautiful is hard but being pretty is easy, because everyone can just pay and become pretty (subject to how they actually see what is pretty); and so beauty is harder to define. Today being an intellectual is hard but being smart is easy, because everyone can study and access almost everything and give seemingly smart opinions about issues; and so people who actually dedicate themselves on research are easily questioned.

The things that were so hard to do before are as easy as pie today.  The cost of the things they did before are not as heavy as the cost of doing the same thing now. WE CANNOT SAY THAT EVERYONE WHO MAKES SACRIFICES CAN BE A HERO; for the things they are giving up now are much less than what heroes before lost.

Heroes before did not just sacrifice their time, effort and lives. Being a hero is more than that. For someone to become a hero, sacrifices should bring about changes. Changes that benefit someone they are not – changes that influence, changes that touch.

You know who they are.


One thought on “Who is Jose Rizal today?

  1. Reading your blog entry was a breath of fresh air! I like how you said that it’s not about sacrificing that makes you a hero, but it’s about making a change. I think transformation of lives for the better is one of the most beautiful miracles you can ever experience in life.

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