My Modern Heroes

We live in a time and age where heroes are not just flamboyant supernatural beings that pick up bad guys and bring them to jail. These current heroes don’t have powers nor millions to back up the machinery, but have the capability to make our lives easier in one way or another.

 This brings me to what I consider a hero for our country: the OFW’s. I know OFW’s has been continually used to portray the modern Filipino Hero. I know it may seem unoriginal but being a son of one can make you appreciate the sacrifices and handwork for their families and the country.

 But what really makes these OFW’s a hero? For starters, having to trudge every single day being n-thousand miles apart from your loved ones, just to provide them with 3 square meals per day. Sacrificing their own happiness and leisure for them to be able to send sufficient allowances for their families, and finally, a chunk of our economic growth can be attributed to the remittances sent by the OFW’s to the country.

 These modern day heroes do not really ask for much. A simple thank you or a smile would surely make their hard work and effort worth it.


-Erwin Mate

2 thoughts on “My Modern Heroes

  1. I admire the perspective you used in writing this post. It brought me back to my childhood days where everything was much simpler than they are now. And true, that we really should acknowledge the little sacrifices common people do for us.

  2. This makes me think of what could’ve been. If the government was only more attentive to the needs of its people, OFWs should not have been separated from their loved ones. And instead, they could have contributed their expertise to our country,

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