Modern Day Heroism

The essence of heroism lies in one’s intentions and not in the magnitude of his actions, I believe.

No matter how big or small, I believe doing something for the good of humanity, all self-serving purposes aside, could be considered an act of heroism. As often as it is said, it doesn’t always take a great sacrifice to be a hero. Especially nowadays; being a hero does not necessarily require us to take after the earlier heroes of our country. As long as we stand for the good of others and do what we can to achieve that, I believe we already are being heroes in our own way. Simply making an effort to create a positive effect in society could already be considered heroism, no matter how small.

The recent pork-barrel protest last August 26 is quite a good example of heroism displayed by the Filipino people. The thousands who gathered in Luneta Park displayed heroism standing up to the injustice and corruption currently existing in the administration. This “Million People March” is hopefully just the beginning of modern day heroism among the Filipino people.

After so long, the citizens of this country united for a greater purpose; a true act of heroism. Hopefully this enlightenment will continue and push our people to continue fighting for the greater good; all becoming heroes in, arguably, the best way possible.

-Ma. Bianca Ysabelle C. Kit


One thought on “Modern Day Heroism

  1. I also believe that it is one’s intentions that counts. Hypocrites cannot really be called heroes as well as those who do good to make themselves feel better. In fact, those kinds of people irritate me.

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