Hero (with a capital h)

                As Merriam-Webster Dictionary would put it, a hero is a noble warrior, a central figure, or an idol. But will even one of these three definitions suffice the characterization of a contemporary hero? To some, it could be. In my perspective, it’s not necessary.

                No matter how trite this may sound, I still believe that the hero can be one’s own self. I can be a hero and so are you. How can one be a hero then? I have two pieces of advice for that.

                First, be good enough. Good may be vague, yet it is the most appropriate word I can think of. In my viewpoint, being good is being able to reach out to those who are in need without hurting even a flea. It is being brave enough to stop and to step; that is to stop sitting idle and to step up to help the needy.

                Second, teach others to be a hero. This can go with the Chinese proverb “Give man fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Being a hero entails influencing and inspiring others. You can’t just reach out to them and leave them helpless (when in need again) afterwards. You should teach them how to be a hero for the sake of themselves and of others as well.

                Those two make a hero. Following only the first or only the second makes you half a hero. You may be a noble warrior or an idol, but you are not a hero (with a capital h). You should step on the ground and not on others. You should inspire, for two heroes are still better than one, just like Batman & Robin; and not like Napoles & Enrile/Estrada/Revilla.

                Always remember that anyone could be a hero. Everyone should at least dream of becoming a hero. No one should sit idle. Or if that happens, may someone be brave enough to be a hero… and may that someone be you!


-Earl Viray


One thought on “Hero (with a capital h)

  1. “Second, teach others to be a hero.” I love this. Succinct, yet oh-so true. Sometimes, it’s just so easy to just sit back and let other people fight our battles for us. But like you stated, this isn’t what a true hero does because being too weak and dependent does no one any favors in the long run. It’s all about doing our best to help other people help themselves so they can, in turn, extend beyond their own circle and spread their own brand of heroism.

    P.S. “You should inspire, for two heroes are still better than one.” Spoken like a true and rational economist!

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