Sexuality: An Important Economic Factor?

Distinguished guests from the women’s sector put forth a case towards a “wider” perspective of economics, which will portray greater equality and representation in societal, economical, and political aspects of the seemingly “marginalized” portion of our society, the women.

I remember Professor Solita Monsod, months ago. Her voice and lectures still resounded in my mind from time to time. With the start of the topic, a sudden flashback came to me, I can hear Mrs. Monsod, in the distance saying, “Do you know that a big part of our economy should be attributed to women?” and “Why should the nanny and/or maid, which were paid with money, be included in the economic statistics of our country? But not include the women, who stay in homes to take care of their families?”

Yes! Mrs. Monsod put forth a sound case, so the same as that of our distinguished guests. Our females, the mothers, and daughters in our families, do the same job as the house cleaners and nannies. Our mothers do the cleaning; do the cooking, do the child-care and all. The great efforts of our women in overall economic activity are to be recognized. Not only that it provides a decent and smooth living within the families, but also, it gives positive externalities towards a more educated youth, greater health level, guided youths towards responsible citizenship, and many more.

The dismantling of all forms of discrimination towards women will give an impetus towards greater harmony, productivity, and inclusive representation in the society. Employment and wage system should be liberalized; thus allowing leveled opportunities. Acknowledgement of women’s contribution to the nation should be realized; thus women empowerment. We must stop to the all-glory to the patriarchy! We must question the validity and acceptability of the persisting norm on sexist economics! We must step up for greater equality! For the greater good!


-KM Martinez


2 thoughts on “Sexuality: An Important Economic Factor?

  1. I agree with her thoughts and yours as well. Somehow, even though we are already in the age in which gender discrimination is very low, we still tend to discriminate. Maybe it’s not only about recognizing women and their contributions to society and other aspects such as economics but equality. Equality in which all of us can do something to create a better country than what we have now. And until the day that we realize that we all can do something, we must strive hard to achieve our current goals.

  2. Looking through the blog posts, I came across your entry and I am very interested on what you said and what Mrs. Solita Monsod said. It has not crossed my mind that sexuality is an economic but now that you mentioned it here in our nstp blog, I have to say that it is! I am looking forward to knowing more about this topic and with that, I thank you for your blog enrty!

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