The Stain on my Paper

“Kumuha ng isang malinis na piraso ng bond paper” said by my High School Filipino teacher. It was the first day of classes and we clearly have no idea on what it would be for. He took out a medicine dropper and drawn out some of his coffee. Finally, he pumped little amount of coffee onto our papers; leaving our bond papers with a small portion of coffee stains.


As I had been watching President Aquino’s SONA, I cannot deny that I was in fact aware all the time, of the truth that I will be blogging about it. With that consciousness, I can’t stop thinking on how other people would react to it; basically it’s a matter among three options, it would be whether people would on greater magnitude, like it, dislike it or stay apathetic towards it; Nevertheless, if on empiricism, it would be easy to say that most people would probably dislike it anyway, if not dislike, react that it could have been better.

Here is the problem. On real world situations, everything could’ve been better off, everything could progress and move to a higher form. I am not here, trying to spite nor even deal with cynicism, it is just the mere fact that I would like to merit points on how SONA could’ve been meaningful to us, not in a sense that we have a say on it, but reasons to participate from it.

As defined, SONA is mandated by the 1987 constitution to be an annual address of the President of the Republic with the end of remarking the Nation’s current condition. Isn’t it reasonable to let what have been said as he had been in fact vested my the power, mandated by the people, as a show of trust and support for him in the way of elections; and at the end of the day, try to contemplate on what we could do or have done as citizens of this nation to participate in nation building.

If we continue on this trend of amplifying what have been said, and what could have been done for the address to be better; rather than on amplifying what possibilities have been given to us as members of this national community, and what we could do from this possibilities to make that the state of the nation better, nothing will ever happen as these words have been said, while our future actions are what our future depends on. It is the state of the nation that should have been the center of our minds, not the address; though I am not denying the implications of our president’s speech.

Not that this resorts out to comparison, but I would not want to generalize out of being able to watch only two presidents and follow the critics responses to it. In fact, I tried to find and watch earlier presidents execute their SONAs; and if I would take into account the responses of their constituents at their period in history, then nothing had really changed if that is the case.

As economist, we should always take into consideration, the difference between progress and development, as we know the difference between the periods considered under short-run and long-run, even more explicated under the definition of macroeconomics and microeconomics. I hope that we’re not looking for developments at this moment; I hope that we’re not looking for higher standards of living as of now. I hope that what we have been trying to look for are the means and avenues for us to keep this progress ongoing so that at the end of the day, we may achieve developments in the Filipino soils.


For me, I would prefer data to anecdotes and statistics to rhetoric. I would prefer to act than react.

Finally, he said “Sumubok na kaluguran ang halina ng malinis na bahagi ng papel”.

Let these stains help us to never forget, but never let them to incapacitate us from appreciating the unstained part.


Roi Marru Lising Pablo


One thought on “The Stain on my Paper

  1. Your blog entry is so inspirational. 🙂 This is one of the things that I actually hate about us Filipinos. I can say that sometimes we really do have good reasons but it is not logical anymore. We always tend to do either disagreeable things or even crimes but it will always end up with us saying that it’s the government’s fault. We forget that our country is not only the responsibility of the president. We want to progress, we want to change, we want a better world, but what are we doing? We keep on relying on the government that they will make the first step and even sometimes when they do make a first step, we would always find a fault in it even though it does not exist. I really hope that sooner or later, we would all reached the conclusion that the country is the entire citizen’s responsibility

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