SONA or Oscars?

SONA-2013            On July 22, 2013, Benigno Aquino III, the president of the Philippines delivered his fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA), tackling a lot of issues, however leaving several issues – which were opened in his last SONA (2012) – untouched.

In his speech, results had been reported, threats had been said, and promises had been made. By now, a lot of in-depth analysis and reactions about it have been published. In this case, writing about the speech itself and its shortcomings would already be a moot point, although, an interesting topic to discuss regarding the SONA is the people, other than the President, who attended the event.

Even before the president arrived, citizens at home already had their eyes glued on the television anticipating the arrival of the attendees, the politicians and their dates.


ekuv           These politicians dressed themselves in their own definition of simple: glamorous, stand-out, one-of-a-kind, high quality designer barongs and baro’t sayas.

Ribbet collage




As if jewelries were not enough to compliment and flatter their outfits, they even brought dates as the ultimate accessory.

sona-red-carpet-live-blog-20130722-titlecard-pia            Coincidently, the organizers laid out a red carpet, making the event look more like the Oscars, a Hollywood event, rather than the SONA, a national event.

            There is nothing wrong in dressing up glamorously, however, it is a matter of when and where to. In the SONA’s case, an event where the President announces the current condition of the State on live television, displaying such extravagance may imply different connotations, such as coming off as arrogant, or worse, corrupting the nation’s money to buy off jewelries and lavish clothes.

Miriam Santiago SONA 2013            As a solution, Senator Miriam Santiago, who was not present during the event, proposed uniforms as the attire for the SONA. Thinking about it carefully, it proposes equality, simplicity, formality, and frugality. Despite these qualities, it also emancipates stodginess, meaning, boring. If they all wear uniforms, where will be the fun in those?



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