“SONA mo ito.”

The President delivered his fourth State of the Nation address on July 22, 2013 last Monday. By far, this has been his longest SONA yet with a speech that was worth 55 pages and that lasted an hour and 45 minutes long.

He very much highlighted the achievements of his administration in his speech boasting a pride of a 7.8% GDP growth of the nation recently, the implementation of the sin tax law and the RH bill,increase in number of TESDA graduates, increase in Philhealth enrolles from 62% to 81% and improved benefits, allocation of P6.2 billion for flood control in Metro Manila, completion of 9,377 housing units for Typhoon Sendong victims, 63% reduction in number of private armed groups, 21.4 increase in foreign tourist arrivals in 2012, the K-12, and a lot of other beneficial improvements for our country. This was a good move of him to emphasize what exactly has the country improved on and to give the nation and the people a head start on what his administration has been doing and that we’ve actually improved. He seems to be assuring us that we are rising as a nation, though slowly, but surely… Or is this just an optimistic and unrealistic way of viewing things?

Another thing to applaud for his speech was that he acknowledged certain police officers and personnel that actually did their jobs fearlessly and with honor. Seeing as these heroic acts rarely happen nowadays in our country, it is gladdening to hear that there are still police officers out there who really care for and protect their fellow citizens; not just bum around and let horrible things happen to others. Hope for humanity or more like Hope for the Philippines restored, as they say.

Though these reforms that were mentioned were admittedly good,  they were still not good enough to totally lift our country up yet. Kulang pa. I do realize that for changes to happen and for us to feel that they ARE happening, time is certainly required . Reform cannot be rushed thus I’m at least glad that we’re heading to the right direction and PNoy’s administration is actually doing something to address the state of the nation.

Now there’s something about SONA’s that would always include a lot of promises and I will’s. PNoy’s speech was no exception. He promised for even more improvements and reformations to follow such as improvements on rice self-sufficiency and coconut intercropping to boost agricultural growth,complete geo-hazard mapping of Metro Manila by next year,Pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law in 2014 which will pave way for a Bangsamoro Government by 2016,Repairs and completion at NAIA Terminal 3, etc. These plans would be nice to carry out  hence I hope that PNoy actually does continue to work on these plans and not just leave them  be “plans” forevermore.

As any normal citizen would think, I hope he does keep his words and his promises. Sure enough, we will see soon if he does.




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