SONA 2013: A Springboard for Trust

On July 22 2013, a state of the nation address, anchored by a huge number of statistics was delivered by Pres. Benigno Aquino III. Sin Tax Reform and Responsible Parenthood laws, dividends from GOCCs, strengthening of the police force and extension of PhilHealth coverage were among the key improvements in the country he mentioned during his nearly 2-hour long speech that was frequently interrupted by the occasional cough from the president and the seemingly emotionless applause from the crowd. I personally enjoyed his speech. I was quite happy hearing that the Philippines had become the best tourist destination of 2012 or that the growth rate of our country had reached 7.8%. Putting that aside, the strongest point of the SONA 2013 for me was the part where he called on the crooks and thieves in our governments bureaus and agencies. For the first time the PNoy Administration seemed to be showing the backbone they seemed to be lacking. I was pleased to hear the following day that there had been a revamping of the Bureau of Customs. The administration is finally executing direct and immediate action in its promised crusade against corruption Despite enjoying his speech, I was not surprised that a lot of people did not share my sentiments. In defense of the people who were dissatisfied, there were points where the SONA felt like a mere summary or listing of Philippine Daily Inquirer headlines. You can’t expect however that the administration would be shy in talking about the key achievements that have happened. Personally, I trust the PNoy Administration, I’m not saying that they have done extraordinarily well (the issue of pork barrel, Ampatuan massacre trial and the fact the RH bill is still hampered by the supreme court should have been mentioned), I’m just saying that I believe that PNoy is man of his words and that we have finally found a President (after so many years) that is centered on improving the lives of the everyday Filipino. This trust I have is further strengthened by the numerous key improvements he had highlighted in his speech. I believe that for our country to truly progress, Filipinos everywhere should start building trust in this administration and trust that there is hope for change in our country. SONA 2013 should be used as support for that trust and we should always remember that he considers us Filipinos his “Boss”. How would a subordinate be successful if his Boss does not believe in him? Ask that question to yourself. -Julian Medalla Bs Econ



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