So much yet so little

In the past three SONA’s of President Aquino, he never failed to mention his plans of leading us to the “matuwid na daan”, his fight against corruption in the government, and addressing the Filipino citizens as his bosses. He had the same way of making his points – commending certain people for their heroism, and bluntly criticizing the inefficiencies of certain agencies under his administration. He made promises to the Filipino people as usual, and continued to assure us that we can move towards the right path if we only work as one nation. It’s the same appeal and the same long-term promises, so what makes this SONA any different, then?
After all the years that I’ve been writing reaction papers about the SONA, I realized one thing for sure: people would always find something to critique about it. It may be about something he said or something he didn’t choose to say but most definitely, people will always find loopholes in it. It doesn’t really matter though because he can’t please everyone after all. But come on, let’s admit it, the overall growth of the country since President Noynoy’s term, as proven through the statistical data, graphs, and other factual evidences he presented in this SONA, seemed quite impressive.
Pnoy talked about the many accomplishments of his administration such as the stunning 7.8% boost in the GDP and the improvements in the educational, agricultural, infrastructural, and business and trade sectors. But despite this SONA being the lengthiest one he has ever given so far, he still missed out on tackling some of the most controversial issues his administration is currently facing like the Pork Barrel scam and why we still remain to have a high unemployment rate despite the robust growth in our economy. Though I appreciate him admitting some delays in his plans and the inefficiencies of his administration, I still wish he have done away with less important points like his famed battle against wang-wang in the government, and stressed on the more important ones like as I said, explaining why the growth in the economy does not match the development in the country.
Nevertheless, I think he has done a lot of achievements in the country for the past three years. It’s not an easy duty to clean up after his predecessors’ mistakes while coming up with solutions to the challenges his administration currently faces. But of course, doing a lot doesn’t necessarily mean doing enough. He has done so much, yet so little because there has a lot more to be done, but at least we’re on our way there. We may be moving at a slow pace, but as some say, slow progress is still progress.
So besides this SONA being our SONA as well, as he greatly emphasized, I think what makes this SONA different is that numbers are finally starting to be in favor of the country. It’s one big step to development of our nation and it brings me not only hope, but also faith in our government.
– J.F. Fernandez


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