Ignorance: A New Premise

An Unorthodox, Unbiased and Brutally Honest Reaction to PNoy’s Sona (2013)

Upon hearing our dear president’s State of the Nation Address, I was taken aback by the data he presented – soaring records and statistics that actually assured almost anyone who read them that the Philippines is quickly improving and changing. Alas, I realized I’m not part of that blissfully ignorant group and though I know that those statistics are highly deceptive of the true state of our country, I realized that it also served another purpose. It’s goal is not to directly inform the general public, whom, if I may add, are composed of millions of Filipinos do not correctly understand a thing the president says or presents, the truth but to control the spark of defiance before it goes out of control.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if all the Filipinos understood the concepts, the stats, and the numerical values presented by the president. Be thankful that those celebrities you’ve been annoyed with since they skyrocketed to stardom are keeping the lower classes at bay, humoring them instead of inciting them to rebel and take over. Their lack of comprehension, due to the lack of education which has been a problem for so many presidential terms now, are allowing them to digest the president’s words and interpret them as positive things. Hope is a very strong power. While the president feeds positive lines to the awestruck public, the government is actually given time to work on what it is supposed to do.

If ever the lower classes do try to incite a revolution, it wouldn’t be the first for it to happen. History has made that clear from its past events like the fall of Feudalism. The Philippines is even more susceptible to this due to its political incompetence, stagnant political atmosphere, ineffective measures to overcome menial problems, and even its lack of public service. It is not unlikely that the working class would overthrow the higher classes and even the government some dark day in the future, and while the government currently tends to these soon-to-be dangerous flames of rebellion, the media shows it “support” by igniting the flames of benevolent rebellion, the premise of change that will ultimately accomplish nothing but waste resources, in the minds of its unaware audience.

The media has always been a fickle anti-hero. It sides with neither the public and the government. Serving its purpose of profit, the media sells exaggerations, speculations, and even private matters that when known, will ultimately defeat the purpose of certain projects and the like. Once it sparks the flickering flame of rebellion, a civil war between the citizens will likely begin. To be honest, between that and the aforementioned poverty we’re slowly dealing with, i’d pick the latter any day.

Don’t be swayed by the media’s deceptive attacks to both the government and the citizens. Don’t be alarmed by the moral indifference we human beings have and will possess. Don’t be fooled by everything written in the president’s state of the nation address but always remember that not every lie is made to hurt, and some are just necessary to avoid the worse fate.

Written by Van Guno

CRS: ieguno

2012 – 65476


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