A Word from an Ignorant

Such is the title of my post for this is my first time blogging about the SONA, or any other topic related to that subject matter. I lived and grew up in a different part of the world, and hadn’t been aware of any of the important issues of this country. Why not try learning more? Don’t I have the internet? What happened to knowing more about my home country? Shouldn’t living in a foreign country make me want to know more about the country of my origin?

You see, that’s the thing. To me, the country I grew up in isn’t foreign. It’s the other way around. It’s the norm to not be so involved in patriotism. It’s how my life was. Issues regarding my home country weren’t really discussed much in my school, unless it’s absolutely necessary like the K+12 program for example. Yes, I took a backseat throughout all the happenings during the years before I entered college.

Make no mistake, I am a Filipino citizen. However, growing up in a place halfway across the globe from the Philippines has given me a different perspective on all this. I don’t really watch, read, or listen to news. I don’t watch the television entirely for that matter. But I’m doing this because I am obligated to do so. I’m doing this because I am a part of this nation. Other people who have encouraged me to know more and be aware of the situations occurring in our country, where I currently have been living in since last year, had driven me to finally stop being ignorant; to get out more, to learn, and to participate.

I haven’t really understood much from the previous year’s SONA, but the general idea I got is that President Aquino said that the country is improving, and that he will, along with the people and the other members of the government’s support, hope to achieve more of these improvements in the coming year. Regarding President Aquino’s SONA for this year, he mentioned the changes and improvements occurring in the country presently.

To me, this was more of a report of the current state of the country. Even if it is so, there was still a large part of it that had an added message to the nation’s people; to join him in making a change, to pave a way for the country to be better than it is today. In my opinion, what really matters is that even if there were people joining him, he and they, should make these changes be felt by everyone who hasn’t. And I’d say they’re doing just fine. Why? Because their achievements made me, an ignorant, sign up to this movement of change and involvement.

To make a long story short, I was ignorant, but because of the way things are now, it pushed me to know more. And President Aquino’s SONA gave me more knowledge on the goings-on in this country. For that, I am thankful.

– Audrey Agustin


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