“SONA mo ito.” These words PNoy intended to resonate within our minds barely even left a mark after the hour and a half long speech. All the facts and figures aside, one thing constantly present in probably every president’s SONA would be the cynical remarks of citizens. I couldn’t help but notice how the Filipino people complain endlessly; it is actually a common trait among us. There is and most likely always will be a negative connotation with the word government, or anything associated with it.

We are always mulling over the negative circumstances we are faced with we fail to notice the actual progress our administration is making. We never seem to be contented yet we never do anything to contribute to the progress we are demanding. We believe that we are seeing the bigger picture, with our snide criticisms and believing we have the more insightful perspective, when in fact we are the ones who are blindsided. I don’t think we are aware of the fact that this so called ‘progress’ or actualization we have been yearning for doesn’t happen in a year’s time. It would probably take more than one administration to achieve this, with our participation. What more if we stay as is and refuse to cooperate?

I believe he did his job and a fairly good job at it, compared to the past administrations. I could say that there is definitely less corruption and more efficiency since he has been seated, as proven by the figures he so humbly stated. We should look past all the negativity and welcome this incremental progress with open arms. Colonial mentality and unsupported criticisms aside, I think our country would be fine. I’m not saying that we should just take it as is and let it be. We still have to push for certain goals we want to reach and changes we want to see, but we also have to acknowledge those we have already attained. I have nothing left to say, because basically we’re doing alright. We’ll be alright. We just need to be more accepting of the gradual process. For the first time I actually believe our administration could make a difference in our economy.


Bianca Kit


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