Sona 2012 – SONA 2013: The Missing Links

“Kayo ang Boss ko,” a famous line that President Noynoy Aquino gave in his induction speech, back in the year 2010. He promised the Filipino people, the “matuwid na daan” towards greater prosperity and progress.

After three (3) years from his accession, with only two (2) more left, the President once again gave the State of the Nation in the Batasang Pambansa last July 22, 2013. “Nasaan na ba talaga tayo? Anong landas na ba ang tinatahak natin? Nasaan na ang matuwid na daan?” These questions sounded and resounded all-over again. Nasaan na ba ang mga pangako? Ito ba ay natupad o ito ba ay napako? Let us go forward, the year 2012, and view the highlights that the President offered this nation and what has he has to say in the recent SONA.

1) State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) – The President gave exacting remarks on the activities of the said institutions, “…ngayon pa lang, may nagpaplano nang magcut-classes para mag-piket sa Mendiola…sa mga klaseng ‘to, pakiusap po namin, sana itong klaseng remedial na nga eh pasukan naman po ninyo.” I might say that he has committed unqualified generalization; nevertheless, to argue with it; as it is excessively back in the past. He had made the SUC Reform Roadmap, a primary solution.

However, what happened? Is that even touched by the recent SONA? I scanned the text of the recent SONA and surprised with what I found: SUCh, SUCcessor, SUCcess, SUCceed and SUCcessfully. Fifteen (15) times, SUCs, were repeated. Is it not great that the plight of these tertiary educational institutions were addressed a lot?

[Behind-Note] Is the plight of the people in these tertiary institutions become insignificant to become worthy of not a single sentence?

[Disclaimer] I am not siding with any colors or political parties here. The call for the welfare of the State Colleges and Universities is included in the platforms of existing organizations.

2) Mining – A wonderful promise has been made in the field of mining. “Ang likas na yaman, pag-aari ninyo; hindi tayo papayag na balato lang ang mapupunta sa Filipino.” It is an assurance that the government is an advocate of “Filipinas para sa mga Filipino.”

            Is it not interesting, if this promise has been put forth by? Well then, let us look at the SONA 2013. Look! No. No. No. Hmmmmh. Strange. It seems that I cannot find a trace of it.

3) Environment – SONA 2012 discussed the plans of the government for the environment: a. National Convergence Initiative and b. fight against Illegal Logging.

            Did the government update us with these programs? Where is the sector that is most crucial in attaining sustainable development? The answer is No!

These are just some of the issues that the State of the Nation Address 2013 did not tackle. One is the Maguindanao Massacre, an issue still not resolved after years of its spark. Another is the problem with our National Sovereignty, the territorial dispute with China.

Where are these now? Are these issues intentionally left out? Where are the missing links?

–        Kristian Martinez

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