Progressive Realization : A Commentary on the SONA of President Noynoy Aquino

Every year a State of the Nation is made by the President of the Philippines and this is for the purpose of addressing the Filipino people that the country is achieving its goals of development and progress. The SONA represents a revelation of what the country has achieved under the president’s leadership and what the president is striving to fulfill for advancing the lives of the people and more importantly improving their economic well-being.

The many challenges that Noynoy Aquino shouldered as he took into office were the many obstructions that continue to hinder the development of our country. Among the many obligations he pursued was to have clean and honest governance. I believe that this is a key aspect to any form of government because the people of the country are the main effectors of change and gaining their trust would mean a competent and well-established instigation of plans for the betterment of the whole country. The transparency of the government has many implications on the efficiency of the bureaucracy to the economic growth of the country. Aside from this, Noynoy has focused intensively on improving the lives of the poor. He said that 8,581 sitios have been given electricity and also 28, 398 families finally have, or will soon have decent homes from previously being informal settlers. This might seem a miniscule achievement but the change and transformation that these improvements have on the lives of many of our poor have given them the foundation to start anew. Also, the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilya Program have expanded to about 4 million households in the three years of Noynoy’s administration.   One statement that I would like to quote from him is that “Widespread opportunity is the key to comprehensive and sustained progress.” In line with this, he also noted that 60 percent of the TESDA graduates have found jobs. Another thing he mentioned was the growth in the agricultural and fishing sector in 2013. He also noted the increase in revenue that will be added to the economy from these sectors which would steer our country to more productive undertakings.

One part of the development of the country that I am truly happy about is the health benefits that the government is trying to distribute. I believe that this action the government has taken is a step closer to the inclusive growth that everyone most importantly, the poor are hoping to feel. The Expanded Z Benefit Package that was initiated early this year will enable the poor families to avail of free medical care at public hospitals for more medical conditions than before. The increase in budget allocated for the health sector is a big factor for the outright sustainability and development of the hospital facilities in the country.

One instance that I think many people were talking about was the fare hike to be done for LRT and MRT. As we all should know, a percentage of the fare for each ride in LRT and MRT is subsidized by the government. The proposed fare hike that president Noynoy is pursuing will enable the government to allocate its resources to other factors and industries in need. For example, the electronic industry will be given developed laboratories and also the infrastructure projects that will be completed will help prevent floods when storms occur.

Another important project that I’m looking forward to is the PPP project. I think that this project has potential in having effective implementation and this will drive beneficial results if contracts are acted with careful and critical analysis. As the president had said “Operating principles should be grounded on correct methodology to arrive at the best solution” and this will ensure that benefits to the people will equal the cost of producing such results.

I hope that the remaining 3 years of Noynoy’s presidency will only lead the country forward to economic progress and sustainable development. However, there is still a lot of work needed to be done but as citizens of our country it is our job to do our share in the nation’s development and fulfill the inclusive growth that our country has long waited to achieve.


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