PNoy and Pinoys

On the 22nd day of July 2013, President Benigno S. Aquino III gave his State of the Nation Address for this year. It has been four years since he was elected as the president of our country. In those years, many crisis have been faced by our country, many environmental phenomenon have occurred and lastly, many things have changed.

I am not a fan of the Philippine government. I know that corruption is still widely spread all over the public officials in our country. I know that only a few of them are doing their job with real intentions of serving the people. But hearing PNoy’s speech, I am quite impressed with his achievements during the past four years. Compared to the past administration, his reign is significantly commendable. The Philippine economy might not be in its best state right now but as far as I can see it, we might be going through the right path or as Aquino has called it “matuwid na daan.” The graphs and numbers might be a bit exaggerated but I know that he has done his best in fulfilling his promises to the Filipino people. To specify, I commend him for the extension of Philhealth coverage, the expansion of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and the distribution of the Hacienda Luisita land. I also admire his relationship with the officials who work under him and how he praise them for doing their job properly.

I just hope that he gives more attention to the education sector of the country especially for public schools and universities. I was waiting for him to acknowledge the fact that education subsidy is a must. Education in the Philippines should be given priority.

Leading a country is not an easy thing. The lives of more than 90 million people is in his hands. But we should never forget that each and everyone of us has a responsibility to our country. We must hold hands, join together and do our part, all of us, PNoy and Pinoys.

-Maria Camille Viray


2 thoughts on “PNoy and Pinoys

  1. I agree with your point that this SONA’s lacking the education part… Education (basic and secondary) is a base requirement in a nation of which is not quite doing so well for us… A lot of children are still not being even able to finish basic education… Education is what makes a country develop…

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