Half Way There

Another year, another SONA delivered by our president. One could barely imagine the weight of trying to manage a 3rd world country and trying to please at least 90 million Filipinos. 

 President Aquino’s SONA, like the past presidents, exemplified the current administration’s achievements. Wether or not you agree or disagree, there is always something to pick up on each of our president’s State of the Nation Address.

 Truth be told, I personally am not a very “political” individual, yet I found the president’s speech fair enough. With him giving praises to his cabinet individuals, and everyday heros and a public reprimand for former officials and some government units. The President showcased his top “achievements” like the 7.8% increase in the GDP last year, housing programs for the informal settlers, Bangsamoro peace framework and etc, yet there are still certain groups that found the SONA incomplete. The absence of the FOI bill and the budget for the SUC’s elicited negative reactions from groups. This could have been included as these are pressing matters that could have taken at least a minute or two in his SONA

 Just like any movie or play, there’s always one part that you might consider the “climax.” I for one found the Hacienda Luisita portion of his speech as the peak of the SONA. I say this because I felt the urgency of PNoy in distributing the land to the farmers immediately. Of course this issue being unresolved since the time of his mother that caused controversies and deaths. 

With all of these said, I give the president a 7.5/10 as his midterm grade.

I am not a die hard supporter, but I believe in the president’s capacity to be able to reform the Philippines in the long-run. After all, change is something gradual and it takes all of us to make the a better and a stronger Philippines


-Erwin Mate


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