Gathered up opinions

This is my first ever reaction to a State of the Nation Address of any Filipino President. Luckily, I finally have that chance to voice out my opinion on our country’s current state and our president’s plans for our future.


Ever since, the Filipino image, to me, was tainted from the start. From the numerous cases of corruption, to the increasing poverty and sometimes illogical and irrational population, our reputation to other people used to be so horrid. Honestly, I used to hate being part of such a bad culture, but little did I know we had so much potential just waiting to be unleashed and utilized properly.

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, as he stated, knew that the Philippines had too many problems in the beginning of his term. Being the son of astounding patriots, his campaign for his presidency and his sole purpose was for that ‘matuwid na daan’ or the cleaning of the rotten and wicked governance, which everyone claims was the reason behind everything happening in our country.

When he was elected president, truly much has improved in a lot of aspects in our country. By ‘cleaning up’ the government, there have been many notable outcomes in our nation throughout his reign. He has fixed and shaped up the different corrupt sectors in our country, which now have been showing great development.  In recent history, as he stated in his latest SONA, there has been a sharp growth in our GDP soaring at a 7.8% increase and a record-high 21.4% increase in tourism just to name a few. True enough, after critically thinking about these statistics, in essence, it does not automatically have a positive effect thinking about unemployment rates and the continuous poverty rates despite the growth in our economy. But, in all honestly, I think that these numbers set the pace for people to really see that our country is on the rise in President PNoy’s term.

I guess the biggest reaction I have towards his SONA would have to be how he addressed us, his people, his bosses. Truly, the government is nothing without its people. The development of our country, although lead by our president is not solely because of him, but because of our participation in his endeavours.

A lot of Filipinos complain about almost everything wrong, no matter how small it is. It is human nature to seek for that loophole, that mistake, and make so many excuses about numerous things. But our president’s efforts of making our country better has been up to par and must not be overlooked. I, particularly, was never an avid fan of our president’s administration despite my family’s undying support, but because of his ‘matuwid na daan’ and its positive results he has been leading us to the right direction.  

True enough our country does have a lot of problems that not only one president can fix. It is going to take more time than just his term, but he has lead and started the positive transforming difference. He has truly shown a right and just way for our country to progress, but it is up for the Filipinos to support this movement forward. Once Filipinos stop complaining and start supporting and doing what the government, which have been doing things rightfully in my opinion, then the positive change will begin to branch out truly making our country reach its potential we have always seeked. As what PNoy said, we should stop looking down at our country and start being proud Filipinos to be able to continue and help improve and develop our country to get it where we want to. It all depends on us and how we would want to react to what we want our country to be.

Our president has set the standard for us to continue to get better. We voted for him, and we voted for his endeavours. It is up to us, that instead of our constant complaining, to show our support and move together with the government to maximize our potential and prove to ourselves that our country is truly great, if that’s what we truly want.

-Matthew Nigel B. Mercado


One thought on “Gathered up opinions

  1. I agree with what you said about the Philippines progressing in P-Noy’s term, and the people that should be there giving support instead of complaints.

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