Appropriate Updates 2013

Group meetings on progress rarely seem to be productive.
From personal experience. Members tend to squander time chatting about trivialities, 
concerns that are blown out of proportion, and unrelated issues. The more members and speakers- the less productive the sessions seem to get. It’s as if the efficiency of the group is halved with every added participant. 

Of course I see the value in update meetings, and I definitely see their purpose; I just disagree with their excessive length and beating around the bush, both of which are dreadful hindrances to productivity. In the case of the SONA, I can at least say that much of what our president relayed was succinct, relevant, and direct. 

Although not every single issue could be brought up (being the president of a scattered nation of almost a hundred million people brings innumerable concerns to the table after all), I actually both liked and believed what I heard- for the most part. I am aware that the SONA, aside from being a state of the nation address, has long been used to win the trust of the people. This is open to abuse, fact-twisting, and exaggeration in order to retain favor. However, whether it was the simple eloquence of his monologue, or my distrust of the previous administration- I found that this SONA, unlike the last, did not leave a bitter taste in my mouth.


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