Sona 2013: About Corruption and Inclusive Growth

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III just delivered his speech last July 22, 2013. He presented what the Philippines had achieved for the past year and what the country can still improve on.  Ever since his campaign when he was running for the highest position in the government, he really wants to eliminate corruption in the Philippines since, it is a big hindrance for the country’s economy to grow and develop even more. His “patungo sa matuwid na daan” phrase helped him win and until now, he is really determined to catch and expose all of the people who are instead of serving the Filipino, they are stealing the money, which is supposed to be for the welfare of the citizens of the Philippines.

Yes, there is a growth in the economy of the Philippines. GDP is increasing quarter by quarter and the Philippines had been recognized as the “rising tiger” by the World Bank but of course, in every administration there are many flaws, which are criticized by the wary eyes of the Filipinos. Aquino’s administration is said to not have an inclusive growth. It means that the growth of the economy is not felt by everyone. Some other sectors and parts were not pulled up with the growth of the GDP.  There was a decline in jobs that were being offered to the Filipino. Poverty is again a big issue that every administration is facing and employment is a big factor in alleviating that. Although, that is the part wherein the Aquino administration is failing. Employment is somewhat forgotten by the government but this should be one of the many things that they should be focusing on since, this can be the source of the continuous growth in the long run.

I will have to be one of the many people who applaud for the performance of our president. He is determined to really lessen the corruption in our country. So far, I am contented and satisfied with what he is doing in leading our country. Although, he could have done something better in dealing with some things but my satisfaction and contentment overshadow them.

-Angela Camille Mantes


One thought on “Sona 2013: About Corruption and Inclusive Growth

  1. I am quick to agree with what you said in your reaction to PNoy’s SONA. Just by your title, I was already drawn in. We share the same sentiments about the whole thing actually. I believe also that, yes, our economy grew, but what about inclusive growth? How about the people line up in the unemployment line? How about the poor who can barely fend for themselves and their families? Do they feel the economic growth? More like no, they don’t. Yes, PNoy addressed corruption in the government system, and i pat him on the back for it, but what did he plan to do about it? Loved your brief yet straight-to-the-point essay, Angela!

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