P-Noy’s SONA: Tracing Grassroots

President Aquino’s SONA this year was similar to his other speeches, full of embellished news, promises and boastful headlines of how the Philippines “is shining” and is on the top of this list or others. He took his time in emphasizing the role of our country in the international stage and market. What really struck me in his speech was his humility and his ability to give credit where its due. He used fancy words and hard science (or statistical data) to get his point across, but his message was always the same: his administration would not have been able to get to where they are now without the people who do the little things.

He is a president, the leading authority in this country. And yet what does he do in his speech? He credits his bodyguards (and their families), several ordinary police officials who do their work, regular men and women who struggle to earn a living for their day to day lives. He gives credit where its due, whether its a high-ranking government official or a simple citizen who does his or her duty. Their stories are what the masses can relate to, he made the speech not to be about his administration or leadership but the common people who work hard to do their duty. This was a smart move on his part because people often find it hard to relate to the government, but with P-Noy’s “tracing grassroots” track he was able to bring to the people what changes the government is doing and how this will make their lives better. He relayed the messages to the masses through ordinary citizens.


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