SONA#4: It’s Time to Move On

We all know how President Aquino came into power. From the very start, he was keen on eliminating corruption that was so rampant in the former president Arroyo’s reign. He never kept it a secret how he would do things differently, and eliminate what he calls the “wang-wang” system. I have the same stand as he does. As a matter of fact, I’m sure a lot of us do. For me, taking steps to eliminate (or should I say reduce) corruption will help our economy to advance further. As PNoy mentioned in his fourth SONA, look at how much the government saves without government officers and suppliers conspiring to overprice? Surely, the Aquino administration has done a lot of good for us by saying it out loud, that people who are corrupt have no right to be serving in the government.

However, there is one thing that is always present during every PNoy SONA- how he cannot seem to let go and move on from the past Arroyo administration. We must agree that we’re in a better situation now compared to then, but four years into the new and “less corrupt” Aquino government, PNoy should be comparing the government’s recent accomplishments with those of the years 2009,2010, and 2011. One should not continuously compare himself to those who are beneath him, but always challenge himself to reach greater heights. It’s time to stop talking about the “bulok” past and “inherited” problems, and should instead focus even more on the future.

Watching the SONA on the afternoon of the 22nd, there were a few points raised that, in my opinion, needs a LOT more improvement. One of them is about education- goal of the talked-about K-12 program, according to PNoy’s SONA, is to improve the quality of education in the Philippines. The question is: how are we improving our educational system by adding two more years to the curriculum? To me, the way to improve the quality of education doesn’t need an extra amount of years, but needs good teachers, students who don’t need to think about their baon while in class, and better resources like books, classrooms, and chairs. Before adding the extra two years for possibly more extensive preparation in case one is unable to go to college, the government should make sure that the old program you and I experienced is of great quality.

It’s true- The Philippines has improved a lot, and the Aquino administration deserves our praise and respect. We must remember that there are reasonable and realistic goals we need to set for ourselves. We should dream big, but on a day-to-day basis, try to work on the little things that help us take steady steps-and not some big, unsure leap- to a brighter future.

Lauren Dy


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