SONA: “Pilipinas, kayo ang aking lakas.”

A president’s state of the nation address has always been of public interest. It’s the time where we somewhat see a clear picture of the country’s current situation in all aspects of life and also the president’s chance to relay to the country and its people his accomplishments and concrete plan of progress. Last July 22, President Benigno Aquino III delivered his fourth SONA. He began his speech by expressing his sentiments about the ups and downs of being a president and said that he is aware of the challenges facing his leadership.

“Many Filipinos still do not feel the economic growth that the Aquino administration keeps on trumpeting”, Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco and Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes said. I know a number of Filipinos would agree to this statement since many of us, especially those who are poor and unemployed do not feel a good or an improving economy. I think the Aquino administration should do more to alleviate poverty in this country, not just improve the country’s economy alone.

PNoy spent almost two hours mostly stating his accomplishments for the country during his term and what he wants to achieve more for the Filipinos, but he missed to tell how and when he will do that. I was looking for his strategic plan for jobless Filipinos and for the reduction of poverty but it was lacking in his speech. He missed to state his major plans for the succeeding years of his term and the steps of achieving his goals for the country. I also wish he had said something about the Freedom of Information Bill and the continuing issue about the pork barrel, as this will definitely reduce corruption in our government.

With these setbacks aside, PNoy’s SONA this year didn’t fail to make me feel proud to be a Filipino. He always makes it to a point to always include the Filipino people in his SONA, making it not only his SONA, but ours too. He never failed to make us feel that whatever improvement this country achieves, he has only the Filipino people to praise. He made the Philippines be about the Filipinos. Though faced with heaps of trials and hardships, we cannot deny that President Aquino has been a good leader to the Filipino people. Our country improved much with Aquino’s leadership and his efforts to bring our country to its current state is definitely undeniable. He is definitely doing well and all we have to do is take part in whatever he asks of us and cooperate with him. We are his strength after all.

– Beatrice Ramona S. Toledo


One thought on “SONA: “Pilipinas, kayo ang aking lakas.”

  1. Indeed, even though there is economic growth, the current administration has to work more on inclusive growth (for a sustained economic growth)

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