One, two, three…

I counted the few seconds left before the much-awaited fourth SONA of Noynoy Aquino. Sitting pretty, with Cheetos and Mountain Dew on my lap, I waited patiently.

It has been a thousand days since he was chosen to be the next leader of our beloved country. Three years have passed, three SONA’s have been delivered, and now it’s time for another reporting, for another assessment if the person who calls us ‘Boss’ had indeed served us well.

I watched his entrance and I counted more seconds. I waited some more.

Isa, dalawa, tatlo…

I counted the minutes passing by as PNoy was already bragging about his achievements. The figures impressed me. Compared to the past administration, there were significant improvements, given his already three years of leadership.

More than 100 minutes had passed and the speech was done. That’s what I counted, and I wish I counted more. I wish I heard more.

Uno, dos, tres…

I counted the claps of the listeners and the coughs of Pnoy which kind of distracted me. I was disappointed at the same time. There were questions unanswered, problems unaddressed, and issues unspoken. I was left hanging.

A thousand more days are left to Pnoy’s administration.  Three more years, few more SONA’s. Is it too early to judge? I say, let’s wait patiently once more and see if the promises are to be fulfilled, if the Daang Matuwid is to be fully achieved.

At the end of all my counting, I found myself assessing not only the president’s performance but as well as mine.

The road to a perfect Philippines, I think, can not be done in just six years. It took some time to damage this land, and it will sure take more time to repair it. Still, I commend Pnoy and his team for a job partially well done. But as a  Filipino, as a student, as an individual in the society, I hope that the development he is working and planning for would be sustainable and that it would be felt by every Filipino around the world. As a  Filipino, as a student, as an individual in the society, I promise to be involved in this journey towards a perfect Philippines. Even not a perfect Philippines but a peaceful and prosperous one.

One, two, three…

I should really stop counting.

Isa, dalawa, tatlo…

And also just waiting.

Uno, dos, tres…

I should start doing my part.


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