Need Not an Address

“Much of microeconomics is about limits—the limited incomes that consumers can spend on goods and services, the limited budgets and technical know-how that firms can use to produce things, and the limited number of hours in a week that workers can allocate to labor or leisure. More precisely, it is about the allocation of scarce resources just like what the whole State of the Nation Address of President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino, III is all about.” (Pindyck and Rubinfeld)

According to President Noynoy, “Efficiency in methodologies is the key to robust developments”. And that is what he did. That is why, according to his speech, his works materialized.

He had claims on his lifetime achievements of being the president of our country in education, agriculture, health, security, communication, and transportation. These were all supported by statistical reports which made them somehow reliable.

But why are there still street children roaming around the roads of Metro Manila? Why are there still a poor blind man asking for alms on an overpass? Is it just because of our lack of resources? No, it is not, because the Philippines has a huge population that can be turned to labor force, has significant natural resources and is one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world(Aurecon Philippines).

Is there really a need for a SONA? Is there a significance in a regular report of a president on what he already achieved? Are numbers enough?What the government must do is that they should just do their work wholeheartedly and let the Philippines society’s environment serve as a SONA. Let Mang Juan’s very own eyes see the difference that they make—we need not an address.

– John Ivan M. De Chavez


2 thoughts on “Need Not an Address

  1. I like how you included a quote from the book Microeconomics. I’d also agree that the government should do their work wholeheartedly, but in return, we Filipinos should also do our part and not just rely on those people in charge.

  2. I agree with your stand that government should not only present data that are pleasant to the eyes. They should prove what they have done through visible changes in the society.

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