Hope for Change

The State of the Nation Address held last July 22, for the most part, was not so different from the previous years. In a way, it could be deemed as predictable. It started with a “red carpet-like” situation of some sort—the parading of the different Filipino wear made by the most creative Filipinos worn by the Filipinos regarded as the just and trusted ones. The actual speech, of course, followed after.

The content of the speech would be, as expected, the showcasing of the good performance the government has done. It was full of our current president’s (or in effect the government’s) different achievements: reform in education like the increase in Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) graduates and K-12 system, higher allocation for disaster control, the 7.8% growth rate of the country’s GDP and more. Now, after these accomplishments comes the multiple promises that the country will surely be mindful of like the further improving in the educational system and the agricultural aspect of country.

There was one thing that was not foreseeable though. Usually, the president just puts on a smile and thanks the people and agencies that worked with him in the past year. At that time, rather than just doing the usual thanking, he told off the different agencies, which are not able to deliver. It’s surprising, really. Even though they work under him (so in a way, it was also him who was not able to deliver), he still gave them that public wake up call. A call, which one would like to hope to be a driving force for the said agencies to do better. It was quite a show of humility.

Being on the topic of humility, the SONA of this year came as some sort of appeal to the people. It was an appeal for the Filipino people to get involved. In his speech, Pres. Noynoy Aquino addressed the people as his “bosses”. He also ended his speech with multiple examples of how this SONA was not his, but of the Filipino people’s. Leading to that was how he gave recognition to the police officers who have done beyond what was expected of them. Here, he presents to the people a kind of ordinary heroism. Through simple acts, a difference was made.

For the most part of watching the SONA, it would be noticeable how much he highlights on the good things that are happening and are to be. He’s giving what he thinks the people need, the magical and unwavering cure of most—HOPE. The achievements will serve as the ones that would keep the people hooked that indeed it is POSSIBLE. The vows are instruments used to make the people see how much potential the country has, how much MORE the Pearl of the Orient can be. His reference to the Filipinos as his “bosses” gives the people a sense of POWER for the people to take action.

Overall message one can get?

We’re getting there. Walang personalan, trabaho lang. We must do our share in building the country. It’s time for us to PROVE OURSELVES that we can do it.


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