A Reaction to SONA

For his State of the Nation Address, as per custom, President Noynoy Aquino once again displayed in image improving fashion his achievements within his term. Among other things, he mentioned a 7.8% increase in GDP during the first quarter of 2013, notable accomplishments by some of the police force (with matching personal appearances), the development of certain infrastructures like the catchment system in Blumentritt and a road connecting NLEX and SLEX, etc.

As this is supposed to be reaction to the SONA, I would start by stating my literal reactions while watching the event, given by words we’re all probably familiar with: weh? Di nga? Seryoso?

Don’t get me wrong, my reactions were more of surprise than of doubt (at first). Of course there’s probably no reputing the computation of the increase in GDP that was well within the countries target, no questioning the valor of our nation’s protectors, no complaining about a road that will cut travel time by so much.

However, the looming shadow of the cloud that is criticism gave my eyes the shielding it needs from the bright glow coming from PNoy’s forehe… I mean words.

Other people have criticized PNoy’s speech by stating the things that he mentioned little or nothing about, e.g. the FoI Bill and how he would spur job generation.

There was one person who showed a few facts about the growth of GDP within PNoy’s term, which included a big fall in his first year. Also, he mentioned that the GDP growth starting in this year might not even be maintainable. I’m talking of course about Prof. Benjamin Diokno during last Thursday’s event “Kung ako SONA si PNoy”.

Then there’s me who wonders if the president’s efforts would really result to the Inclusive Growth that he plans. But maybe I’m just being pessimistic.

So what’s my final reaction to the SONA?

That I think it did what it usually does — impress the people who listen to it, until the critics come in. That PNoy delivered a nice enough report about the nation’s progress, though forgetting to mention some important issues. That, on the other hand, it might just be possible that we can have our nation grow during his term or maybe I’m just being optimistic.

—Lelourd Mithi L. Perpeña


2 thoughts on “A Reaction to SONA

  1. Reblogged this on htyoon103 and commented:
    I think that President Noynoy did an adequate job in delivering his fourth State of the Nations Address. This is because he was able to deliver various national issues (ranging from free education for poor Filipino youth to the resurgence of the Philippine economy) that his government was able to tackle. I also think that President Noynoy did a good job because his government showed plentiful signs of improvement not only economically but morally as well. I was very glad to know that there were significant improvements in his fight against corruption. However, I hope that President Noynoy would focus more on addressing on not only his achievements but also on his failures so that he could lead the Philippines better. But nonetheless, I am happy to know that President Noynoy has managed to improve this country.

  2. I don’t think that President Noynoy did an adequate job. Yeah, he did a good job in delivering the speech but that was only it. I still can’t see the improvements that he has talked about in his SONA. I think that it is high time that President Noynoy proves to us what he says is true through visible changes in the society.

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