A Challenge: SONA 2013

Considering the numerous problems and complications our country has faced in the past years, President Noynoy undoubtably was able handle them better, if not best, than our previous presidents. A long time ago, we we’re among the best in agriculture, specifically in the production and export of rice. All of a sudden, a few years ago, the tables were turned and we became extremely dependent on importation of rice. This is one in the long list of problems passed down from president to president. Astonishingly, PNoy announced a remarkable change from 2 million metric tons in 2010, to 350,000 metric tons in 2013. We are nearly self-sufficient again. This is just one of the many achievements and plans PNoy said in his nearly 2-hour speech[1].

A few more things I noticed in his SONA, he mentioned how we, the Filipino citizen, can do our part in reaching our ultimate goal of going past our problems and achieving long term prosperity. He also challenged those who are corrupt to set theirselves straight.

So how do we fit in the whole equation? Well, the thing is, and I totally agree with him on this one, that the government has been providing a lot of opportunities for a better life. But the people can’t simply rely on these opportunities alone. The government cannot spoon feed a whole nation. If we rely on it too much, without any collaborative effort, then reaching our goal would be nearly impossible. We must do our part as citizens, as people of this nation. We must become aware, stand for what’s right and do not rely on the majority. We should opt to propose not oppose. We should elect worthy officials and not let a week’s worth of food jeopardize the good of the country for 3 or 6 years. In a government of the people, by the people, for the people, we should do our part to ultimately achieve prosperity.

PNoy mentioned a few Filipinos who should be set as an example of how we can do our part in the equation. These are the three police officers who would willingly risk their life and do their job as protectors of our nation. One of which apprehended an armed criminal while she was off duty – no arms, just in civilian attire.

In the end, he challenged corrupt officials who hoard money from the people. He even dropped a few names. But still, PNoy does not generalize this concept of corruption to all officials. Take the late Jesse Robredo as an example of a good public official doing his job for the people.

To end, I’d like to say we’re still far off from our mark. Years and years of problems won’t be solved with just a snap of your fingers. It’s not unreasonable that it’d take so long but we’ll eventually get there. As I said before, there should a collaborative effort between the government and the people.

– Morris Medel F. Solano

Reference: [1] http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2013/07/22/1000971/65-important-things-mentioned-aquinos-fourth-sona


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