SONA 2013: Just Another One

Another President with his State of the Nation Address.

After a long fashion parade of barongs and filipinianas, we watch P-Noy as he stood behind the podium and relay his most awaited speech – The State of the Nation Address.

It was fluid – topics upon topics were discussed and reported. Numbers upon numbers were rattled representing the progress of the Philippines in one year. Boxes upon boxes being occupied with checks as our President enumerated his term’s achievements for the past year: PPPP catering to the poor, lower prices for textbooks, more classrooms to be built, lower imports on rice, more highways to be constructed and more laws to be passed.

We are on our way to progress. We just have to hurry.

That was what he highlighted. That was what was said.

It was just another SONA like all the rest.

Another rally outside the Batasang Pambansa Complex.

Burning image of P-Noy. Angry mobs shouting passionately for what they stand for. Rows and barricades of shielded policemen preventing the rallyists from getting to the Complex. People throwing rocks. Chaos.

Sometimes I wonder what we fight for. Why do people congregate in front of public places, burning torches and shouting reforms when no one can hear them? Why bet on chaos? We have seen a lot of transitions of presidents, most of them differing on their platforms – the only thing constant in every term are the people who huddle in front of the Complex to rally.

Sala sa lamig. Sala sa init.

Why do we rally for? What do we really want?

Another batch of criticisms. Another batch of approvals. 

July 22 passed. Criticisms start to well up online. Researches have been made to find loopholes on the reports that have been delivered. Talks have been held to disprove the alleged progress in our country.

On the other hand, thumbs up were shown by others, completely contented on what they heard. Life moves on. At least there were some progress to report, right?

When will we start being in the middle? Critical enough to question but humble enough to recognize these small steps?

Another riddle to be solved.

As I stare at the copy of P-Noy’s SONA, I see a colorful view of the Philippines making its way up the ladder. But then I start to thrust that image and fit it into the real world just like a puzzle and found that it just wasn’t the right piece.

Setting the paper aside, I see a black-and-white image of a third-world country. It was an extremely different image.

Was the SONA all just a lie or have the colors just not reached my place yet?

A riddle.


-Sigua, Kristel Shayne M.


One thought on “SONA 2013: Just Another One

  1. I agree with you. I couldn’t help to feel skeptical when PNoy said in his speech, “this is your SONA”. How can that speech be a report of the true situation of our country when it doesn’t really translate into reality? I was appalled with all the sugarcoated figures and achievements that were bragged. I wonder what the masses have felt after being bombarded with such overwhelming data that they could not relate to because economic growth won’t trickle down upon their homes. But as I have always said, we’re already on the right track – we just need to run faster in order to reach that shared vision of our homeland.

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