The Red Shades of the Carpet and Bloody Mobilizations

Once again, as an anticipated national event, the SONA or the State of the Nation Address, wherein the president delivered his speech in Batasan about the accomplishments and the achievements that his administration had made for the country, different people and different sectors fighting for their principles have gathered to show what they are fighting for. In mobilizations like this, it is quite impossible to avoid the conflict between the rallyists and the policemen that resorts to violence leaving a lot injured, tired and stressed. Ironically, before President Benigno Aquino III entered Batasan for his speech, there was this sort of red carpet wherein it tries to mimic the symbolic red carpet of the celebrities of Hollywood showing their flashy designer clothes. Just looking at these people flaunting their clothes shows that somehow, the cause and purpose of that event is already lost and as Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said, “The highlight of the SONA is the President. It is not the flashy women.”

The only hope that we had that day is that in one way or another, the president would show honest results of the country’s progress and the promise of better projects that will help sustain this growth.

And thus PNoy’s SONA began. As I tried to clearly listen and analyze every word that the president says in his speech, the thought that the way that he is presenting is the way in which the mass would easily believe. Though that might not sound a bad thing at all, what I meant was from the very beginning, he is already trying to avoid words that will further elaborate his achievements. And thus when he began stating the growth of the country, he focused more on statistics and the figures. This figures and numbers may be true and is an important factor, but it was somehow used to deceive by focusing that certain rates and percentages, increased or decreased. Well, among the accomplishments that president had proudly mentioned were the Bangsa Moro Framework, Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino programs, the broadening of the cope of PhilHealth, enhanced harmed forces and police, enhanced tourism industry, and etc., Though this accomplishments cannot be ignored since it already helped in many ways, we can still say that maybe the growth by these programs are only just a growth in a smaller picture. As Prof. Estifania Co said, “He’s dealing more with the nuts and bolts rather than the bigger picture.” With this said, it is still not good enough to meet the problem of poverty.

PNoy, presented as well all his plans in further improving our country or his plans in sustaining this so called growth. And among these plans are:


(Source: UP CMC ISA Facebook page)

We can clearly see that the Aquino administration is already in the middle of its term, and with the projects mentioned, there is a huge uncertainty on whether or not this can be carried out before his term ends. By the time that PNoy’s service as a president runs out, there is no guarantee that the next president would carry out his same goals. Are we going to begin from scratch once again? Are we ever going to make it to say that we really are advancing? Will we be able to fight this poverty wherein everyone suffers?

These are the questions that we want to have  definite answers. We can say that Pnoy is still lacking on concentration on what to focus on but we also have to be active and we must know our rights and duties as a Filpino citizen. We must also make our own contribution so that we can really proudly say that “Napakasarap maging Pilipino sa mga panahong ito”. And our goal is not only at this time period, but always.


Lapeña, Carmela G. “ From blood-red rallies to the red carpet at SONA 2013.” GMA News Online. 23 July 2013. 25 July 2013. Available:(


-Grandiehl Shyrr G. Enriquez


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