SONA 2013: hot fashion, heat maps, and heated action

You’ve probably checked out the red carpet fashion for the 2013 State of the Nation Address of the President of the Philippines to the House of Representatives of the Philippines, images focused mostly on the women.

If you prefer heat maps than hot fashion, there is Stats of the Nation by The website shows data on the state of poverty in the Philippines through color-coded maps giving the reader a quick view of the severity of the experience by region, province or municipality.

Heated action has also arrived at the doors of the Batasang Pambansang Pilipinas with major news agencies reporting protests from various groups critical of the President’s policies and programmes. See GMA7 news here and Philippine Star news here.

The SONA is a much-anticipated event as an opportunity for the Presidency to set the tone of the coming year’s legislative agenda. This year the incumbent’s allies have taken leadership positions in the upper and lower house and there is speculation about the nature of the collaboration between the executive and the legislative agenda. Acceptance of this collaboration would likely depend on how the current and prospective programs succeed in achieving development goals. Indeed, the President will be highlighting the accomplishments of his administration. Were you convinced?



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