Disruptive Innovations and Digital Arts

“My personal favorite definition of cultural activism is to act on culture, to act in order to change culture,” said Bong Ramilo yesterday. “So it is not about using culture–specifically about the arts and literature–for social change, as others imagine cultural activism to be. There can’t be meaningful social change without meaningful culture, meaningful arts and literature.” Bong brings this idea to life as Executive Officer of the Darwin Community Arts in Australia where he now lives.

In the video, Bong talks about the Darwin Community Arts projects helping revive inner city Darwin, particularly getting young indigenous and African men to be involved with digital media.

Bong is also known to have composed the song Awit ng Peti B. along with Rene Agbayani. You can listen to the song here. And, if you want to watch and listen to Jess Santiago’s Halina, here’s a mash-up of Jess on ukelele with Bong R and Boy D on back up ukes and a bit of harmonica.

“The arts and literature are not a tool for change–they are a requisite for change.” (Bong Ramilo, 15 July 2013)

Or else…Buffy, slay me now!


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